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How to Measure yourself for Armour

Where to measure graphical guide


Measure the circumference of your head.

Backplates and Breastplates

Take these measurements preferably wearing the arming jack you intend to wear with the armour. Measure the circumference of your chest and waist. The distance from the centre of your shoulder to your waist and your collar size.

Arm Harness

Measure the distance from the top of your shoulder to the point of your elbow. Measure from the point of your elbow to your wrist. Then measure the circumference of your biscep, forearm and wrist.


Measure around your hand, (including your thumb) at its widest point. Then draw around your hand, with your fingers slightly apart. Mark each finger joint, (for fingered gauntlets). Keep your fingers together for mitten gauntlets.

Leg Harness

Measure from the crease of your groin to the centre of your knee. Measure from the centre of your knee to your anklebone. Then measure the circumferences of your thigh at its widest point, your thigh just above the knee, your calf at its widest point and just above the ankle at the thinnest point.


It is preferable when having sabatons or sollarettes made to use the boots to be worn with the armour as a fitting guide.

Note: When ordering a full suit a height measurement is also helpful.

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