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Order Form

Plessis Armouries welcomes your order enquiry.

Please complete only the sections for the armour that you require. Any comments or additional information (eg: Brass Trim) should be entered into the "Additional Comments" box at the end of the order form. If you are ordering a full suit, please include your height measurement.

Once your order form has been recieved by Plessis Armouriers, the armourer will be in contact with you with regards to the total cost of your order, the time required to complete the order and payment terms.

No work will be started on your order until agreement has been reached on the above items between Plessis Armouries and yourself.

All fields marked * are mandatory fields and must be completed.

* Name
* Email
Fax Number


Head Circ.

Backplate and Breastplate

Collar Size
Chest Circ.
Waist Circ.
Torso Length

Arm Harness

Shoulder to Elbow
Elbow to Wrist
Biscep Circ.
Forearm Circ.
Wrist Circ.


Width Across Hand
Note: The armourer will be in contact with you with regards to the drawing of your hand. This will need to forwarded to the armourer before work could commence on the gauntlets.

Leg Harness

Upper Legs
Lower Legs
Groin to Knee
Knee to Anklebone
Thigh Circ. (Widest)
Thigh Circ. (Above Knee)
Calf Circ. (Widest)
Ankle Circ.

Additional Comments


Plessis Armouries can in no way be held responsible for any injury,
however sustained, whilst handling or wearing any of its products.

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