Authentically produced 
reproduction and replica armour​
Conservation and restoration services

Stock items are rare as I work to order but sometimes I produce pieces which interest me which are available to buy.


A Gallery of images of past projects to help inspire you.


Plessis Armouries can provide armour making demonstrations, displays and educational talks.

Whether you require a Norman Maille Maker or

Tudor Armourer we can provide period specific displays which can be completely stand alone or fit into a larger event.

Plessis Armouries​

   Authentically produced reproduction and replica armour


Created in 2000, Plessis Armouries produces hand crafted armour of all periods and styles.

The historical techniques used make each and every piece a unique practical artifact. From gauntlet fingers based on Thames finds to a full jousting armour, all items made are researched and based on extant pieces

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Plessis Armouries work to order so if you have a project in mind and would like to discuss it with us please click the link below


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