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For over 20 years I have provided armour talks and demonstrations using authentic tools and methods, demonstrating the art of the armourer throughout history. Topics can include material

production, mass production and armours part in the finance and politics of the era, all fully researched and supported with evidence from period sources. All age ranges and levels of understanding can be catered for whilst demonstrating, making the subject accessible to everyone from the youngest child to the avid historian.


Clients include Hever Castle, Arundel Castle, Pontefract Castle, Tatton Park, Tattersall Castle and many more.

Plessis Armouries produces authentically made armour for all periods and demonstrations can be period specific from Saxon all the way through to the English Civil War (900 AD – 1651 AD).


Demonstrations take place using the tools and techniques used during the period. This can include an armourer’s forge, based on the Emperor Maximilian’s armoury in Innsbruck, and an actual 15th century armourer’s anvil or simply a maille making demonstration.

Armour making itself takes many hours of work. During the demonstrations pieces are    worked upon using a variety of tools and techniques which can be explained along with      their historical references.

Demonstrations can be scheduled into a programme for an event or be spontaneous,      whenever interest is shown. Either way examples of completed work are always on              display throughout the day.

Several visits to the demonstration during the day will give a good idea of the time it          takes and the effort involved in recreating the artistry of the master armourers. I have

found that my demonstration is usually visited more than once through the day and quite often is the last port of call before the visitors leave.

My displays can complement existing groups or events like jousting or tournament based events (previously I have provided on site repairs alongside my demonstration for jousting and foot combat tournaments) but can also fit in with more domestic displays showing the large part warfare and armour would play in everyday life.

Handling displays and sessions can also be provided including some child size armour.

As a professional armourer I am available to demonstrate throughout the week not just at weekends and am happy to work for extended periods at any site to enable school education trips etc. to be catered for. There is also the possibility of participation in education weeks leading up to a larger event taking place over the weekend.

Demonstrations are priced from £350.00 per day.

If you would like any further information or would like to make a booking please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Plessis Armouries​

   Authentically produced reproduction and replica armour

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