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"I started making armour in 1984 aged just 13 after being inspired by the TV series "Robin of Sherwood" and even convinced my teachers to allow me to make armour in my school metalwork lessons. I look back at the early pieces I made and cringe. My knowledge of armour in those early days was sketchy to say the least but I found that I had an eye for shapes and form which, as my techniques have improved, have allowed me to more accurately replicate the original pieces. I made a conscious decision to move away from modern fabrication methods of producing armour preferring to raise pieces from a single piece of metal rather than use modern welding techniques. I always strive to make my armour as close as I can to the originals, relying on the generations of knowledge that went into each original piece.

Plessis Armouries was created in 2000 to reproduce handcrafted pieces of history and has been my sole occupation ever since. In this time I have produced hundreds of pieces of armour from many different periods from ancient Greek to the trenches of the first world war

I work solely to commission so am happy to discuss your individual requirements for every project"

Plessis Armouries Handcrafted pieces of history.

Our Story

Our Vision

Created in 2000, Plessis Armouries produces hand crafted armour of all periods and styles.

The historical techniques used make each and every piece a unique practical artifact. From gauntlet fingers based on Thames finds to a full jousting armour, all items made are researched and based on extant pieces

To produce armour in an authentic manner to each and every clients requirements.

Plessis Armouries​

   Authentically produced reproduction and replica armour

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